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Mark & Pub
  • Targeted online paid search campaigns (Google, Yahoo, etc.).

  • Online advertising through all major retailers, social media, emagazines, podcasts, book reviewer websites and more.

  • Print advertising that includes but is not limited to magazine and newspaper, public posters and mail-outs.

  • Distribution of Advanced Reader Copies for review.

  • Free copies for book clubs and buddy reads.

  • Merchandise and Giveaways.

    • Merchandise – signed copies, coffee mugs, T-shirts, playing cards, throw
      magnets, bookmarks, posters, book sleeves, socks and stickers.

    • Giveaways include online social media events as well as book fairs,
      conventions, bookstores, and speaking events.

  • Book tours including national, independent, and campus
    retailers (Barnes & Noble, The Twig, Roma’s Books, and more).

  • Targeted placement on college course reading lists.

  • College, library and convention speaking events.

  • Video book trailer posted on websites everywhere.

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Selling Points
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Comparable Titles
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About the Authr

Luc Vors is an award-winning author, publisher and creative consultant from Dallas, Texas. Formally educated in psychology, visual art, biology, and music, he holds a master’s degree in clinical and industrial/organizational psychology. His research includes studies on creativity, free will and consciousness, and he lists his experiment on neurological limits to human choice as his greatest scientific contribution.


Luc has been featured in interviews with Roadie Notes, Gothic Bite Magazine, Zombiepalooza Live, San Antonio Monthly and Urban Mystics (forthcoming). He is currently completing a set of seven stand-alone novels, each of which portrays four, specific inquiries into the human condition. Where Sleeping Dogs Lie is the first of these books.

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