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Title: Where Sleeping Dogs Lie                        Original Publication Date: January 22nd, 2018


ISBN: 978-0-578-55570-6                                 


Author: Luc Vors                                               Publisher: Vors Publications, LLC


Pages: 398


Suggested Retail Price:                                   Wholesale Pricing:

$22.95 US                                                         Returnable – 50% off SRP

$26.99 CAD                                                      Non-returnable – 60% off SRP


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  • 5-time award-winning novel

  • 4.9 star review average, including all major platforms such as Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstagram, Wordpress and Facebook.

  • A classroom reader/writer companion to the book is available.

  • Most consistent reader praises as a “mind-blowing” “page-turner” readers “can’t put down!”

  • Continuous reader and media insistence on turning the book into a major motion picture.

  • Readers seeking plot-driven crime thrillers with twists and surprise endings.

  • Fans of Josh Malerman, Steig Larsson, Christopher Nolan, Chuck Palahniuk, Dennis Lehane, Stephen King & Dean Koontz





  • Comparable titles – Bird Box, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Inception, Fight Club, Shutter Island, The Shining, & Odd Thomas.





Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

Psychologist Dr. Alan Greene is no stranger to stepping across the line with his students, but when he sleeps with a patient, the results are deadly.

Alyson was the perfect test subject for a treatment that uses multiple personalities to cure PTSD.  With her memories are stored in the minds of 9 alter egos, She can now remember at a clinically controllable pace.

Trouble arises when Alyson and Dr. Greene find themselves in a forbidden love affair that causes new “unauthorized’ personalities to emerge, and The Sleeping Dogs must fight to prevent them from taking over Alyson’s consciousness. Their efforts, however, fall short.

A monster awakens, the slaughter begins, and a secret is revealed in the details of the crime scenes.

Alyson is a killer the FBI has been chasing for years.




FULL SUMMARY (5-minute read)
***Media and Buyers click HERE to receive the surprise ending.***
Reader Rating PG-15 to Mature
for language and some sexual and violent content.


2 psychologists, Drs. Alan Greene and Hal Kreige, have discovered certain benefits to Dissociative Identity Disorder (AKA Multiple personalities), and decided to use it to treat PTSD. The treatment was called “The Housing Method.”


Alyson Woods was accidentally discovered during a DEA drug bust and is the subject of a study on The Housing Method. Using hypnosis, Kreige stored Alyson’s memories in the minds of 9 alter egos known as The Sleeping Dogs. Each of the dogs “guarded” memories associated with their breed, and would reveal them during treatment so Alyson could remember them at a clinically controllable pace.


Little did they know Alyson was a trained killer from an underground gladiator ring. Without effort, she seduced and slept with Alan then later murdered Dr. Kreige using a knife. Alan, who witnessed the murder, was spared his life, and Alyson fled, leaving the knife displayed on Alan’s desk for all to see.


Sergeants Terry Hayes and Noah Townsend of Cherokee county are immediately interrupted by the FBI at the crime scene. Forensic psychologist, Dr. Roni Price is the on-site consultant for agent Peter Poole who is on his first unsupervised assignment. Sergeant Hayes is an Ed Harris type – gruff, old fashioned, tired – while Townsend is a slick and sleek black man of respectable taste and sophistication.

Roni informs Hayes and Townsend that they just discovered a mass murderer she and Poole have been tracking for over 2 years.


Story Layout

  • Present Investigation

  • Prior Events: Therapy

  • Alyson’s Survival Story

  • The Make-Believe World in Alyson’s Mind


Present Investigation – Roni, agent Poole, and Sgts Hayes and Townsend teamed up, along with FBI and police techies, Dean and Greg, respectively to find Alyson, who had set out on another killing spree which included students at Praetor University of northern Colorado where Alan and Kreige taught.


Alyson’s chart was useless, with an address that lead to an abandoned scrapyard, a picture of her when she was first admitted to the hospital, and notes written by the therapist whom she seduced and slept with (Alan).


Alan witnessed Kreige’s murder and started experiencing post-traumatic stress, the very illness he and Kreige sought to cure. The guilt of having slept with Alyson – not to mention, cheating on his girlfriend, Simóne – only inflamed the symptoms.


Roni and Poole met with Kreige’s wife, a psychiatrist, and heir to the Brighton steel dynasty, Dorothy Kreige, and the family lawyer, Lisa Hale. Dorothy knew of the experiment and was against it from the start.


Dean and Greg worked the lab, discovering Kreige himself wiped the prints from Alyson’s knife and the new murder victims were students of Alan’s. Roni and Poole went to question Alan and left an officer as surveillance while Alyson hid watched them from a distance away from the home.


Townsend and Hayes met with the administrator of Alyson’s former hospital, who could only provide a thinned medical records chart. On their way out of the hospital, Hayes showed Alyson’s photo to a staff member who said it wasn’t Alyson but Dorothy dressed up as a patient during Halloween party. Dorothy, then, went missing.


At the police station, Dean and Greg researched Dorothy’s family business to find they owned the scrapyard with the address in Alyson’s chart. Townsend went to do the scrapyard while Hayes went back to the crime scene, and Dean and Greg continued their research.


Prior Events: Therapy – Alyson’s mind wandered between general reality and a make-believe world called “The Valley,” created by Dr. Kreige. During therapy, The Sleeping Dogs were awakened, one by one, to take over and tell Alyson her story of survival. Bone, the mutt, was the most difficult to face, since he embodied all of her guilt and shame. Thus, he was kept in a hole under the house, and would not be faced until Alyson processed all of the other memories.


Alyson’s Survival Story – As The Sleeping Dogs told Alyson’s story, Alan learned of the tragic journey she took. Sold into slavery to support her mother’s drug addiction, Alyson found herself “drafted” into a gladiator ring just south of the Texas/Mexican border.


There, she was paired with a young boy with whom she formed a protective, older sister bond. As long as Alyson fought and won, nothing would happen to the boy. Only one of Alyson’s fights – told by the Pitbull, Red Rover – is provided to give readers an idea of what went on. Sasha, the Doberman, also told how Alyson was also “encouraged” to entertain high-dollar customers Important note: The writing style is , since the subject matter is extremely delicate. Therefore were given whatsoever. As indicated, the story is strictly kept at a TV rating of PG-15 to Mature.


The Valley – Throughout the story, Alyson experienced a war inside the make-believe Valley of her head. When The Sleeping Dogs told her story, the stress she experienced was displaced onto a pack of wolves, “unauthorized” personalities intent on taking over Alyson’s consciousness. Indeed, a war between Wolf and Hound transpired during therapy, as well as during the present-day chase.


Through the chaos, a monster had emerged, an amalgamation of her years fighting for her and the boy’s life where she did acquire a taste for blood.


In each battle, The Wolves stole one of “The Blind Puppies,” which held Alyson’s innocence. As the number of pups diminished, Alyson’s control over her own body weakened, affording the monster more opportunities to kill.


Eventually, Alyson chose to confront The Wolves on their own ground, a place called The Great Thicket. When she and the dogs get there, they are met by a special, white wolf named “Shadow” who invites her to decide if she would like to know the rest of her survival story. Alyson accepts, and Shadow took her to a large clearing inside the thicket that looks exactly like the house and backyard where she and the dogs sat together during therapy.


Immediately, Alyson noticed that The Wolves equaled The Sleeping Dogs in count, and each resembled one of the others.


Shadow said Alyson would find all the answers to her past inside the house. When she opened the door, she was engulfed in light and saw a young boy with extremely long hair, then walked into a room that looked like a replica of Alan’s office.

What happened next changed everything... 


The Surprise Ending [Removed]

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  • Where did you get the inspiration for this story?

  • If this story became a movie, who would be the ideal director? Who would you cast for the parts?

  • What made you decide to become a writer?

  • What was most rewarding about writing it?

  • What was your goal in writing it?

  • Talk about the writing style you chose.

  • What makes this story unique?

  • Are there any comparable books or authors?

  • How did you approach the sensitive topics in this story?

  • What kinds of feedback have you received?

  • How did you choose the title?

  • What is magical realism?

  • Talk about the undercurrent of this story.

  • Are there any plans for this book?

  • What kind of readers would enjoy this story most?

  • Did you do any research?

  • Can you tell us about any secrets you’ve hidden in the book? Any Easter eggs?

  • What are the 5 F’s?

  • What can we expect in the future?

  • What is the greatest barrier you’ve encountered in writing and publishing this book?

  • What’s the secret to writing a page-turner?

  • Tell us about The Sleeping Dogs.

  • If you could sit with a group of authors, who would they be?

  • Do you have a preferred genre or type of reading material?




Luc Vors is an award-winning author, publisher and creative consultant from Dallas, Texas. Formally educated in psychology, visual art, biology, and music, he holds a master’s degree in clinical and industrial/organizational psychology. His research includes studies on creativity, free will and consciousness, and he lists his experiment on neurological limits to human choice as his greatest scientific contribution.


Luc has been featured in interviews with Roadie Notes, Gothic Bite Magazine, Zombiepalooza Live, San Antonio Monthly and Urban Mystics (forthcoming). He is currently completing a set of seven stand-alone novels, each of which portrays four, specific inquiries into the human condition. Where Sleeping Dogs Lie is the first of these books.


P.O. Box 782075

San Antonio, TX 78278

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© 2018 Created by Luc Vors

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