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Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

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“Among the many prerequisites for furthering imagination, I would single out… that there be odd fellows and peculiar ladies within the child’s perimeter…” 

~James Hillman

The Soul’s Code: On Character and Calling

I kind of never stood a chance at being normal. Growing up, I was constantly exposed to creative ways of thinking and seeing things. My father is a computer engineer and was instrumental in solving several computer programming problems that major industries are still using today. My mother is a potter and comes from a long family history of artists and writers. Both are avid readers, very spiritual, and while insisting they are boring and mundane, they are both the best kind of weird. They encouraged me to explore everything, whether in science, music or art. As a result, here I am, obsessed with finding the truly unique, whether in writing, photography, painting, music, or invention.

Currently, I'm working on three books, one about synchronicity, symmetry and our outer awareness, the part of us not stuck in these corporeal prisons, one about an old schizophrenic who helps a rock star discover her place in the world (which turns out to be the ultimate mission), and a non-fiction work on the psychology of creativity. My hope is to interview as many creative souls in this world as possible, and put together a definitive work.

For now, I'm happy to introduce my first fiction novel, Where Sleeping Dogs Lie, a suspense thriller about an experimental treatment for PTSD gone fatally wrong. Click here and we'll email you the first 200 pages.

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“Luc Vors will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat screaming for more. Then heartbroken that it is over. Superb writing!"

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