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Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

Alyson is in love with her therapist, Doctor Alan Greene, and while the feeling is mutual, Alan has a job to do–cure Alyson of her addiction to killing. Together with his mentor, Alan begins the process of treating her for PTSD, pulling the addiction out by its roots. With each session, however, the beast inside of her awakens, hungry for a fresh kill.


Hot on Alyson’s trail is FBI profiler, Doctor Roni Price, a forensic psychologist struggling with her own addiction–sex–and Alan is just her type. Not to worry, though. The only interest Alan has in Roni is figuring out how to keep her from knowing he slept with the killer.


A page turning thriller with twist after twist, Where Sleeping Dogs Lie is a trip through the psychotic wonderland of a killer whose innocence somehow remains intact. Sound impossible? Wait till you meet “The Wolves” and Alyson’s “Sleeping Dogs.”

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