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Astorel Publishing is an imprint of Luc Vors Publications, LLC focusing on the discovery of authors with unconventional writing styles. Some of the "tag" terms used to describe this style include "genre-bending," "cross-genre," "literary [thriller, romance, fantasy, etc], "magical realism," and "Upmarket Fiction." 

Many times, authors of these persuasions start by self-publishing their works. The reason is often due to the nature of this style of writing. It is unpredictable - you never know what you're going to get. It is unstable - too creative, too esoteric, all over the place. It is unreliable - there is no clear audience in mind. And those are just 3 examples of how potential agents and publishers shy away from taking on a new author. At Astorel, we are not only comfortable with these unicorns, we seek them out. 


We make use of 4, specific approaches to developing our gems. First, we seek out the otherwise introverts who have stored themslelves away through a process of data mining the indie misfits.


Second, and because we thrive on the discovery of gems, we dig into their works looking for what's unique, which is the opposite of what agents and publishers do; they don't want to waste time prying the talent out of a person; they want the product as close to completion as possible and as reliable a money-maker as they can believe it to be. Such skittishness, while it can rake in the dough, oftentimes results in a thousand different "The Girl" books, which overlooks the next trendsetter.


Third, we polish and polish and polish through close, pay-it-forward mentoring with an emphasis on holistic growth. It is not enough for the artist to have a good idea, nor is it enough for the artist to have great technique. If we are to find the next trend-setter, we must awaken that person from within. We do that with a program of creativity work, continuing education, strong support systems, and business opportunities.

Finally, we set our authors flying into the marketplace. Part of the polishing process involves audience testing. The use of beta-readers, ARC readers and professional editors puts the final coat of wax on our gems while building a base of support and word of mouth. An ever-evolving feedback loop is established, and the author grows as an artist.

If it were only that easy, right?

There's so much more...

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